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You’re probably here because you’re curious about who I am and what makes me the right therapist for you. To answer your questions, I can list my credentials and years of clinical experience in the field of mental health. But before I present my qualifications, let me tell the story of how I became a Marriage and Family Therapist.

I am a Vietnamese American therapist who speaks both languages fluently. About 16 years ago, I left my home country, Vietnam, to move to the states. I spent my first 8 years working in the legal field specializing in family and immigration law. I had an amazing time working with people from very diverse backgrounds. I enjoyed helping spouses be reunited through the process of family petition or marriage. I assisted families in working through divorce and custody cases. But legal aid was the only way I knew how to help my clients. 

I didn’t know how to support my couples when their marriage was falling apart. I didn’t know what to say to sooth an individual’s pain when they disclosed being sexually or emotionally abused by their partner. I felt powerless because I could not do more for my clients. That was when I made the decision to leave the legal field and become a family therapist.

Because I’ve gone through such a career change, I learned a very important lesson about myself. I am at my best when I love what I do and I know the purpose behind it. I love helping clients, like yourself, who are willing to make some changes to better their lives and relationships.   

I currently hold a dual license in Marriage and Family Therapy and in Chemical Dependency Counseling. I also have experience working with adults and adolescents with mental health and behavioral issues in the crisis residential and inpatient setting. I received extensive training in therapy for couples and families at the Department of Psychiatry's Family Studies Center at UT Southwestern, where I had the privilege of working with diverse clients of all ages. 

I provide EMDR Therapy to treat PTSD and trauma. Individuals who have relocated time after time in their life are prone to experience trauma. Cultural clash, financial hardship, loss of identity, marital conflict, parenting difficulty, codependency, isolation, and abuses are some of the issues that I’ve helped couples and families overcome in therapy.    

Because of my own experience of being in an interracial marriage, I am passionate about helping interracial couples who face challenges of cultural barriers and difficult life transitions. My goal is to help you and your family overcome these acculturation stress, so you can gain back self-confidence, relationship satisfaction, and family togetherness.