Are you tired of having the same arguments over and over again?

Feeling more like roommates than lovers?

Or are you just wondering why relationships are so damn hard?

If this is what you’re experiencing, don’t lose hope.

I am here to help.

Statistics have shown that couples wait to enter couples counseling four years too late.  This is not that surprising.  None of us like to take time out of our schedules to discuss our problems, especially our relationship issues.  We love to believe we can handle things on our own, but unfortunately we wait until there is a “crisis.”

As a couples therapist, I understand these facts when you knock on my door. By the time you walk into my office, I know you’re frustrated, somewhat desperate, and perhaps even hopeless.

When a relationship fails, conflict is often the reason to blame, but I believe that you know how complicated the “answers” can be. That’s why I am to help.

My ethic requires me to stay current in training on this particular subject. I bring research-based and effective skills to my couples therapy and relationship work. I want to help you not only build a healthy marriage, but improve the quality of your life.

Are you ready?