Couples Counseling


Couples who knocks on my door to get help often ask a very similar question: Where did our love go? They tried hard to solve what they thought was the problem, but the more they tried, the more it left them feeling pain, distress, and even a loss of hope for the road ahead. Does this sound familiar to you?

When I work with couples, I focus on the vicious cycle of interactions in which the couple is trapped. A "no-win" cycle that leaves you and your partner feelings of rejection and isolation. Rather than turning towards each other, you turn away from each other, which creates attachment wounds. When a relationship fails, conflicts are often the reason to blame. However, conflicts are not the real enemy here. It is the loss of affection and emotional responsiveness that endangers the relationship. When that loss is experienced in a relationship, you can't help but wonder if you can trust that your partner is really there for you. You wonder if you can trust that your partner will respond to you when you need.  

The truth is that relationships require hard work. It demands your and your partners’ intention to create and nurture the emotional bond that makes you both feel safe, secure, and connected. It is not an easy task, especially when infidelity, addiction, and/or trauma are involved, but I promise you it is well worth it. Over the years I have helps couples like yourselves find hope again in their relationships, and now I would like to reach out and ask you to make the choice of letting me to help you.

Counseling Services Offered:


Sexual/Intimacy Issues




Major Life Transitions

Trust and Forgiveness

Co-Dependency Issues

Conflict Resolution

Communication Issues

Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow.
— Brene Brown