Trauma affects a person in more ways than one. When you encounter trauma, many things change: your emotions, thoughts, and actions. Your social and family relationships are impacted. So is your perception of self and of others. While we all experience different forms of trauma over our lives, some are difficult to process alone and require professional help.

I specialize in EMDR therapy work with PTSD/trauma. It is a research-based and powerful technique that can be used to "unlock" troubling images, feelings, and thoughts, which are trapped in our brain, due to our fear center becoming overly reactive towards a traumatic situation. 

When we experience disturbing events, our brain's ability to make sense of the event is hijacked. Because our brain is unable to process what has happened to us, it protects us by "locking away" the negative memories. When left unaddressed, these aspects of our past can be easily triggered by seemingly normal events in the present and affect the way we view ourselves and our relationships with others. 

Healing from trauma is a very personal process. How you choose to "unlock" your past is important. That’s why my priority is your safety and trust.

Allow me to help you work towards your healing process.