Family Counseling

No family is problem-free. Your family, just like mine, faces different challenges over the course of our lives. What keeps a family growing strong regardless of adversity is its resilience, an ability to withstand and rebound from crises.

Families are diverse. Each story my clients have shared is unique. Yet one common theme keeps repeating in therapy: the family’s strengths that turn into resilience. These essential strengths have always been part of the family. Yet, at times, in the midst of conflict, pain, and distress, it is difficult to recognize those values and utilize them to help you and your family overcome the “stuck” point. That is when it is okay to reach out and ask for professional help.

My systems training and background has helped me assist many families, and hopefully now yours, in viewing the initially presented problem in the bigger picture. A systemic approach that eliminates blame and offers room for growth and connection. My stance as the therapist is not from an expert. I am your therapist, but I also am a fellow human, who understands your struggle and is there to support you along this journey. The strengths are within you. I am here to listen and offer new perspectives in the hope that our work together will help your family become "unstuck."

Family Therapy Services:

Conflict Resolutions

Communication Skills 

Parent-Child Relationship Issues

Blended Families & Stepfamilies

Major Life Changes

Anger Management





We get together on the basis of our similarities; we grow on the basis of our differences.
— Virginia Satir