Congratulations on your engagement!

I bet this is a busy and exciting time preparing for your special event. So many things to plan. So much effort is needed to ensure your wedding day is perfect.

As you know, wedding planning comes with stress. Finding your dreamt wedding dress takes time. Choosing the destination for your nuptial requires coordination and teamwork. Then it comes the challenge of who to invite, what help you need from your parents, and how you should include your in-laws in the planning process.

Amidst the preparation, the importance of attending premarital counseling to improve the quality of your future marriage can take a backseat. But really, it’s should be the #1 on your priority list.

Did you know that 95% of the 288,000 Texan couples who have attended premarital counseling report that they have had positive experience in: 

  • Using more effective communication skills

  • Having better conflict resolutions without fighting

  • Enhancing their relationships with in-laws and children

  • Feeling confident in financial management

In other words, this IS the most meaningful gift you can give to yourself and your marriage.

I am a certified Prepare-Enrich premarital and marital enrichment counselor. I am also a registered provider of the Healthy Marriage Program of Twogether in Texas.

When you complete your 8 hours of premarital counseling, you will receive a discount on your marriage license and are waived the 3-day waiting period (under Twogether in Texas).

This premarital course is for you, if you're a:

Pre-Engaged/Dating Couple: who seeks to understand each other's differences and learn more about building a long-lasting relationship.

Engaged Couple: who wishes to strengthen their bond and to increase the chance of a successful marriage before walking down the aisle.

Newlywed, married, or remarried couple: who wants to learn effective communication and conflict resolution skills to deepen your marriage. 

What does the course include?

First, you will take an online couple assessment to help identify the strengths and growth areas of your relationship.

Then, I will tailor the 8 sessions of premarital counseling to offer you and your partner the opportunity to explore your core relationship components such as:


Conflict resolutions

Financial management

Marriage and relationship expectations

Children and parenting expectations

Connection with In-laws

Relationship roles

Partner’s styles and habits

Spiritual beliefs

Sex and intimacy

Current Premarital Packages Offered:

The All-Inclusive: 

Investment: $995, full payment required at first session. Includes:

  • Premarital online assessment ($35 value)

  • 8 premarital sessions

  • 2 workbooks with over 20+ couple tools and activities  

  • Certificate of completion to waive the 3-day waiting period and TX marriage license fee

The Mini-Moon: 

Investment: $150/session + the $35 premarital assessment fee. Includes: 

  • Up to 8 premarital sessions (50-minute/each)

  • Premarital materials with 10+ couple tools and activities  

  • Certificate of completion to waive the 3-day waiting period and TX marriage license fee

*Must complete 8 total sessions to receive the Certification of Completion.

Invest in the premarital process today and your future self will thank you for this gift of building a healthy marriage.