Did you know that there are an estimated 1,300 stepfamilies forming every day and over 50% of the US households are remarried couples?

Blended families are diverse. While this structure creates a unique dynamic in your relationship, it adds layers to the existing challenge of maintaining your family structure.

The truth is that no family is problem-free. Your family, just like mine, faces different challenges over the course of our lives. It’s common for you, as parents, to:

  • Experience stress because you can’t seem to find the best way to parent your children

  • Struggle to communicate and set boundaries with the other parents of your stepchildren

  • Have little to no time for yourself and your spouse

  • Lose the spark in your couple relationship due to parenting stress

  • Be critical of yourself due to fear of being a failure in this whole new step-parenting task

  • and so.much.more

My systems training and background has helped me assist many families, and hopefully now yours, in functioning at their best. I am here to listen and offer new perspectives in the hope that our work together will help your family become "unstuck."