EMDR Therapy


Trauma affects a person in more ways than one. Recovery from trauma requires exploration of the many areas affected by the event. When you encounter trauma, many things change: your emotions, thoughts, and actions. Your social and family relationships are impacted. So is your perception of self and of others. While we all experience different forms of trauma over our lives, some are difficult to process alone and require professional help.

Healing from trauma is a very personal process. Therefore, it is critical that you feel safe in therapy, and this is why trust building is my first priority. I know how important it is for you to trust that your shared story is heard and validated. I know the significance of working through your trauma in a safe environment, at your own pace, and without fear of being judged. Recovery from trauma is a difficult task, but it is possible. It is my hope that by providing you the above essential elements of a trusting alliance, together we can build a strong foundation that helps facilitate your healing process.  

I am fully trained in using EMDR to treat trauma. A simple way to understand EMDR is to think about it as a powerful technique that can be used to "unlock" troubling images, feelings, and thoughts, which are trapped in our brain, due to our "fear center" becoming overly reactive towards a traumatic situation. 

When we experience something disturbing, our brain's ability to make sense of the event is hijacked with intense body sensations and emotions. Because our brain is unable to process what has happened to us, it protects us by "locking away" the negative memories. When left unaddressed, these aspects of our past can be easily triggered by seemingly normal events in the present and affect the way we view ourselves as well as our relationships with others. 

By using the systemic approach of EMDR, a well-trained therapist can help reprocess the experiences of your past and restructure them in a way that creates an open door for healing and new opportunities for growth.    

I am passionate about helping clients like you heal from the severe pain that your trauma has caused you. I am passionate about helping you take back the life and relationships you deserve. I want to assist you in putting together these pieces of the puzzle that make your life unique. Recovery can happen if you allow yourself to work it through.

EMDR Treament:

Sexual Assault


Act of Personal Violence

Sexual/Physical/Emotional/ Verbal Abuse

Breakup of Significant Relationships



Natural Disaster

Loss of a Loved One

Other Disturbing Life Events

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.
— Carl Jung