Woman's Counseling


Let's be honest. We all wanted to be Superwoman, who can do it all, when we were growing up. Through life lessons, we soon realized that this superpower is only an illusion. An illusion that is created by cultural/family values and social messages, in addition to our own expectations of self, that being a woman means being perfect. We are taught that perfection comes from staying thin, looking attractive at all times, getting married, being a good wife, becoming a mother, having natural parenting skills, and holding a successful career while performing the role of a caregiver who keeps the family happy and well-balanced in every way. The truth is that this concept of perfection is a set up for failure because it can't exist in one person. It is an unrealistic expectation that entraps women in an endless web of fear and shame.

Being a woman who struggles dealing with these social messages myself, I have spent a generous part of my career offering therapy to women who struggle finding their own voice in this demanding world. I help women impart on their journey to self-discovery, one that promotes growth over perfectionism, amidst the fear and shame of "just being me." As you are aware, this web of fear and shame is real, especially in times when you face the pressure of "being perfect.” You know it is there when you struggle with the thoughts of “What would people think of me?” or “Am I good enough?”

If this is what you are experiencing, you are not alone. I’ve been there.

As your therapist, I am here to empower you to make the choice that provides you long-lasting results. My view is simple: I am not the expert who "knows it all." You are the expert of your story. Let me be the listener who is here to offer new perspectives to your self-discovery. Let's work together!

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Identity Issues

Body Image

Eating Disorders

Sexual Assault

Domestic Violence


Career Change

Relationship Issues

Societal Expectations

Family Expectations

Perfectionism is not the same thing as striving to be our best.
I am like a recovering perfectionist. For me it’s one day at a time.
— Brene Brown